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h.w. bush and in 2004 by george w. bush against john kerry, the swift boating. all three of these politicians come from massachusetts. i wonder if it's something in the water there. but what you're seeing is very carefully constructed box. there are small nails that go into the box and there's some big rivets that go in there. the small nails are things like this controversy the last three or four days of whether he was -- whether romney was in charge of bain capital from 1999 to 2002, but the biggest piece of this argument are the tax returns. romney is going to be hammered on these tax returns until he releases them, and a number of republicans are now saying that. >> let me show you also the way the romney campaign has counter-attacked because they have released an ad featuring journalists. watch this. >> when the president was elected, he talked about hope and change. whatever happened to hope and change? now it seems he's just coming right out of the box with these old-fashioned negative ads. >> by starting negative, by going extremely tough and extremely hard, looki
you think that it's not effective for the obama camp to keep blaming george w. bush and what they inherited? >> i wouldn't blame president bush but i would continue to point out i said earlier, andrea, it's good for people to remember that we were losing 750,000 jobs a month when the president took over. that's what he's inherited. though 84,000 may not sound like much in terms of a gain, it's a whole lot better than losing 750,000. i think he's doing the right thing there. he's also doing the right thing in stressing his jobs bill. his jobs bill contained 11 separate components, almost all of which republicans had supported in the past, and they essentially stonewalled him and stopped any progress from things that were like $50 billion of spending on infrastructure we know creates well-paying jobs on the construction sites and back in our factories, and it's hard to understand why they would obstruct that type o initiative. >> what about the tax cuts? michael steele, do you think the republicans really have a great talking point when they talk about tax cuts for millionaires
rights, were not a fan of george w. bush. there was the war, two wars, several other issues, to say the least, but you're watching, you write in your book you're watching the state of the union address, you lived in the states on and off, you've had a home in atlanta, you're watching the 2003 state of the union address. tell me about your reactions to watching george w. bush announcing the billions of dollars that he was going to ask for to be appropriated for global aids. >> i remember jumping up and punching the air but also, at the same time, feeling that i swallowed a boiled egg. i couldn't believe it. it was just a wonderful, again, a pivotal turning point in the treatment of aids people throughout the world. and when i got my kennedy center honor and spent some time with him and rumsfeld and condoleezza rice and colin powell backstage at the interval of the concert, we had a wonderful ten minutes of conversation. he was very informed about aids. i wasn't on the same political, you know, page as him. i didn't agree with a lot of his policies. but he impressed me greatly. >> in
actually, i don't think george w. bush cares all that butch this, but i think it has helped his post presidential image that he has stayed behind the scenes. he's not been critical in any way, shape, or form of barack obama and not tried to draw attention to himself. this is someone who spent eight very controversial years in office, left office quite unpopular. the way he has handled himself since leaving office, he has done himself some political good. i don't think that's why he did it or that he cares all that much. >> then the question is what role will he play, if any in, tampa and what role his father might play. chris, thank you so much. we'll you see you tomorrow from washington. follow the show online and on twitter @mitchell reports. my friend tamron hall has a look what's next. >> following a lot of big news. hour. rush limbaugh claims the romney campaign is following his strategy and points to the comments made by governor john sununu saying he needs to learn how to be an american. we're waiting to hear what governor romney has to say as he holds a town hall in ohio. >>>
is going to be in ohio. tomorrow the president starts a two-day tour in florida. george w. bush talking about the politics, the mudslinging and how he feels now. this was at the hoover institution at stanford. >> pretty unattractive metaphor. i said i crawled out of the swamp and i'm not crawling back in. and you know, i'm interested in politics. i'm, you know, i'm a supporter of mitt romney. i hope he does well. but you know, he can do well without me. >> and he also made the point as he has before that he believes that you should not get in the way of the current kin habtant of the oval office. >> he's kept to that, andrea, i would say. he really has kept an incredibly low profile since leaving office. one think i say about george bush, we think of the eight years he was president, six years as governor before that. this is somebody involved in politics basically his whole life. his father obviously our president of the united states, he was deeply involved in the 1988 presidential campaign. so he's been doing it for a long time. you can kind of understand why he's interested in it fr
at running mates and teams, is it al gore and clinton, is it cheney and george w. bush? who in the past, is it george herbert walker bush and ronald reagan? what's your role model for what a good vice president should be. is it joe biden? >> i haven't really given that a lot of thought or studied the dynamic or synergies between the vice president and the president in years gone past. i would want to give that some thought and give you a more thoughtful answer but just off the cuff, i would say if you look at the relationship that ronald reagan had with george bush, h.w. bush, that seemed to be a healthy, dynamic and constructive relationship. i'm sure there are others. but just off the cuff, that would be one that would be worth further review and study. seems they had a good relationship and good partnership. >> people are talking about senator portman, one of your colleagues, because of ohio and the importance of ohio. clearly minnesota is not considered a swing state here. the last time it actually voted for a republican -- >> 1972 is the answer. it's the longest unbroken streak of
led the way, actually, with the expansion in the money, the global aids fund under george w. bush, for which he is being heralded and bill clinton has led the way as well in communicating this around the world, the importance of all of this. hillary clinton added money to it this year. but at the same time, when will we see a vaccine? >> a vaccine is still in the stage of scientific discovery. we don't have a vaccine yet. we had a trial that was only moderately effective, not ready for prime time. but the scientific advances that will give us a vaccine and we can't predict when, if you put that in the combination of preventions, then that trajectory decrease will be even greater. >> dr. fauci, thank you for your leadership on this. it's really inspiring. we will continue this conversation throughout the year, not only when the world is watching. >> thank you. >>> up next, the politics of gun control. the candidates go on the record. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i don't have to use gas. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. drive a
back in 2000, george w. bush narrowly won this race by 537 votes in that state and gave him the election. in 2008, barack obama won florida and that was a pivotal race for him. i think in this election, florida could be a deciding point. you know, florida, ohio, and virginia, the three states everybody's focusing on. so if they can win florida, get the senior vote, get the latino vote, get the other constituencies, they can make a win in the election in the electoral college. >> hogan, let's talk about the senior vote for a second. the president will be trying to convince seniors in florida that mitt romney's plans will end medicare as we know it. mitt romney has said he supports phasing out the current medicare system,
at the fact that her ties to the george w. bush administration, the fact that she is somewhat pro-choice, a little squishy there, would almost be a nonstarter with a lot of republicans and one of the gop leaning groups, the anti-abortion group said rice could be unacceptable to them. it did seem like a trial balloon that went over like a lead trial balloon. >> eric erickson of the red state blog tweeted that it was an absolute nonstarter, that he had checked with folks in the romney camp but it certainly got everybody dialed up overnight and we expect that mitt romney is going to be asked questions about a lot of things, including bain capital. he will be speaking to peter alexander later today in new hampshire. the president is just entering the room. it's a fired-up crowd. as we say, virginia, a big win last time around by six points which as you pointed out earlier today in first read, is exactly the amount that he won nationally by. let's listen to what the president has to say to this crowd in virginia. he will be talking about the middle class tax cut and his campaign. >> co
this is the first time that mitt romney meets with either president george w. bush or vice president cheney. this is really sort of a passing of a baton from the former republican administration to the presumptive president nominee. that does it for mitch reports. happy birthday dad. he's 78 years young today. congratulations. my colleague craig melvin has a look on what's next. >> happy birthday from craig. counter punch. we have the latest reaction to vice president joe biden's rousing speech in texas before the naacp, one day after mitt romney took that same stage. how did vice president biden do? should president obama have spoken before the group instead? we'll talk about that plus that scathing report issued on the penn state cover-up at the highest levels of the university over the jerry sandusky scandal. and, the aclu sues a school district for violating a student's right to learn to read. should schools be sued for not properly educating students. we'll talk about that. it's our "news nation" gut check next. and focus on the things that matter to you.
as for the nation. >> for some presidents, recent presidents have been so defining. what defines george w. bush's tenure more than that night on september 11th, 2001, or after the oklahoma city bombings with president clinton or with the "challenger" explosion. there are moments we remember and not in a kind of partisan divide that colors everything else we do here in washington, it seems. it's a way in which we feel we really count on the president as a leader of all americans to express what we are all feeling. >> bill clinton, oklahoma city. mark halperin, you have watched these leaders and the way they respond at moments, at times of emergency, and this is when as both president obama today and mitt romney described us as the american family. >> just the nature of our politics. barack obama has a reputation in some quarters of being aloof. mitt romney as being someone who can't relate to people. you saw in both their statements today, both referencing their families, both of them at moments like this, it's clear, think about their own families, their own human situation and what this would
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)